Generating a LL catgory for a dialect

Generating a LL catgory for a dialect

We are in Konkani, with its own (but little) Wikipedia at Under Konkani, there are many dialects spoken, the enunciation of 1 could be unlike one other.

Would like to generate a classification for Saxtti (the Salcete dialect of Konkani). This will make certain that indication don’t get overwritten by more dialects. Furthermore, it could permit the recordings many other individuals which can have been completely carried out in Konkani as a how.

Hi and this is Lingua Libre. We brought in Goan Konkani (Q700683) (gom) because was not on Lingua Libre yet. On Lingua Libre, dialects include treated the same way as dialects. You can easily develop a feature for the dialect on Wikidata (instance for auvergnat dialect) and reveal once it really is ready, making sure that we could transfer they on Lingua Libre with an admin instrument. You are able to directly generate a component for your dialect on Lingua Libre, after the procedures defined at assist:Add a new code and having example of Auvernhat dialect (Q1186). Please ping an admin if you have any questions. All the best – WikiLucas (?Y–‹i??) , (UTC) A« there are a few dialects spoken, the enunciation of one could be different from additional. […] This will ensure that readings do not get overwritten by additional dialects. A» If the crafting include comparable but just the pronunciation is different based where in actuality the audio speaker is inspired by, it appears like different accents. Which means me personally record in French the phrase « bonjour » is going to be one audio file on Lili. WikiLucas can tape in French the same phrase « bonjour », it will create an other audio document on Lili. My personal recording(s), since I have originate from the south-west, will carry the south highlight. Recordings by WikiLucas, who lives 700km East of myself, will cary the Lyon location highlight. Lingualibre will shop 2 tracks, one per consumer. Yug (chat) , (UTC) Hello Fredericknoronha, i’ve brought in Salcete Konkani (Q701734) so that you can today report terms where dialect. Pamputt (talk) , (UTC)

Feedback about Lingua Libre by Professor Carol Genetti, PhD

Precious Members of Lingua Libre, Im happy to discuss a note from teacher Carol Genetti, a linguist and respected expert in jeopardized dialects. Teacher Genetti are writer of one of the better guides in the area of Linguistics known as « just how Languages Work ». The woman big knowledge and experience are incredibly important and after evaluating Lingua Libre she mentioned:

Thanks for getting in touch with me and letting me know about this initiative. Truly a fascinating concept. We especially like multilingual menus — helpful.

Have you considered this web site, hosted because of the institution of Hawaii (and, I do believe, financed by Google). Very one thing that starts to me will be the growth of such internet. Just how will folks in an endangered-language people learn about their options, and make the best possibility about which of those online learning resources will be better in time with regards to their communities? Should such efforts cross-reference both?

Recordings include particular to a word, a code and a speaker

My next believe is due to durability. It will require an important commitment to supporting a niche site like this after a while. The challenge is having a person who can keep this type of internet financed, working, prepared, relevant, and engaging consumers as time passes. How could you make sure the data are obtainable in 10, 50, 150 years? Maybe you get that instantly when you’re involving Wikipedia. If so, claim that. Furthermore, there must be a clear statement of just how these data could be put, and by who, thus speakers know that as long as they register a wordlist, anyone would use if for many factor without their own approval (is correct?). I am sorry to need to bring a down-to-earth content towards the motivation and passion for endangered dialects containing plainly supported this perform, but creating viewed more initiatives stumble in doing this, I wanted to be certain that you are considering this. Speakers might be entrusting such valuable bits of their everyday lives and their cultures. How could you safeguard this over the years? Let folk know. Those problems apart, here are a couple of some other commentary:

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